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How to transition into software engineering without a CS degree

This is a story of how someone (aka me) who never wanted to be a practicing civil engineer, got a bachelor's degree in it anyway, then worked in ads for a few years, and quit that cold-turkey to spend several months self-studying computer science to get hired for software engineering roles in Silicon Valley.

If you've been thinking about switching careers and getting into software, I hope you find this helpful or can at least be a data point for you (yes, it is possible!).

I originally wrote this article on Medium when I accepted my first software engineering job offer, and I spent a lot of time making it look pretty on there, so you're gonna have to read the article in its original form at https://medium.com/@switchingintotech/i-quit-my-job-and-studied-my-way-into-a-software-engineer-role-in-silicon-valley-5dbb79f038ee. Hope y'all find it useful!