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Grandhotel Gießbach over Brienzersee
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My earlier years of traveling were always with family; for us, that meant going on bus tours with crazy schedules, e.g. visiting 12 countries in the span of 8 days (yes this one is real, we did one in Europe). Each time it was the same: wake up at 5am every day, sit on a bus for 8-10 hours, spend only 1-2 hours in the destination city, and scramble back onto the bus to reach the next town in the next country before dark. Though I fully acknowledge the privilege I had in being able to travel outside the state and the country at all, it was a stressful way to travel and I never felt like I got to enjoy what each place had to offer.

Now that I'm older and financially independent, I feel like I'm finally traveling in a way that makes me happy. I've found a pretty good balance recently between doing the touristy things and leaving space to appreciate and experience the local culture and get a bit off the beaten path. The trips that I find myself enjoying most are often centered around hiking and being in nature.