This is Meandering Melody.

I'm Melody, and welcome to my slice-of-life journal. I'll be documenting my travel experiences and photography, maybe some cooking recipes (someday), and writing reflections on certain experiences. True to my blog's name, I meander a lot, whether in thoughts or through life because I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, and that's kind the theme here. If you'd like to journey with me, the more the merrier!

All photos are taken by me and everything on this website is original content, so please ask for permission before using anything here. Thanks y'all!

My latest trip: Southern Patagonia (Feb 2024)


I've been trying on and off, unsuccessfully, for a decade to keep up with a blog. I've used LiveJournal, Wordpress, and Wix, and I finally wanted something that is wholly my own. So I built this site and created everything you see here. I want this to be just for me. I've abandoned a lot of blogs because I ultimately kept succumbing to the pressure to write and design to impress others, rather than for myself, so I'm hoping by making a pocket of the Internet just mine, I'll write true to who I am.

There are so many little moments and formative experiences I've had and that I treasure, and I don't want to lose them as the memories fade with time. I want to document each detail. I want to show off my photos, which I am proud of, even if they're not necessarily "Instagram-worthy".

My writing is pretty honest, so if you've been looking for an unadulterated perspective on travel destinations, activities, or just life in general, I will provide. Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here on Meandering Melody and gain some useful tidbits from my experiences!