This is Meandering Melody.

I'm Melody, and welcome to my slice-of-life journal! I'll be writing about my travels and some life/career-oriented posts, as well as sharing my photography.

All photos are taken by me and everything on this website is original content, so please ask for permission before using anything here. Thanks y'all!

My latest trip: Taiwan, Japan, India

What's this all for? Why is this here?

For a long time, I thought I wanted to be a "travel influencer". But I actually hate the idea of being beholden to audience expectations and am just bad at marketing myself. I deeply respect and admire the people who make it happen and have built a career around it though: what a dream!

I've been trying for a decade now to keep up with a blog where I can post photos that I enjoy, even if they're not "instagram-worthy", and just write about whatever I want. It can be travel, it can be my life experiences, cooking, and everything, whatever. Maybe I will make travel guides some day, who knows.

So true this website's name, this will be all about me, Melody, doing lots of meandering through life. In writing. If that fits your vibe, then welcome to my little corner of the internet!